A Reader Gets An RNC Fundraising Letter Signed "John McCain"; Is Unimpressed
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A Concerned Reader [Email him]

The RNC has stooped to a new low. First I got emails from Paul Ryan, Karl Rove and others. When I thought they couldnt get any lower they are using McCain.

An email signed by John McCain says

Dear Concerned Reader

Barack Obama and the Democrats are falsely claiming a mandate from last year's election in order to continue to advance their ultra-left agenda of ever-expanding government, massive deficits, and class warfare.

(Full text here, posted by another recipient who didn't like it.)

Where is Jeff Flake's mandate from Arizona or the public to pass amnesty? Flake and McCain have spent the last three years promising not to do what they did.Dang Fence

I wonder if they are going to get Lamar Alexander next to send me an email? Maybe that is a bridge too far.

The RNC ought to be pounding Redstate Democrats for supporting McCain's immigration bill. In West Virginia and Montana if there were GOP Senator the vote would have been no. In Arkansas, Louisiana and North Carolina the GOP Senator voted no. Who does America agree with more: Sessions or McCain?

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