A Reader Says Asset Forfeiture Would End Illegal Immigration; Peter Brimelow Comments
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FROM:  Frank Vera

There is only one solution to illegal immigration.

Implement asset forfeiture laws. It is illegal for illegal immigrants to be here. It is illegal to hire them. It is illegal to transport them. It is illegal to harbor them.

Seize all the assets and property of the illegal aliens, the businesses that hire them, the vehicles that transport them, and the homes of those who harbor them. Sell the property at government auction, split the proceeds among the federal, state, and local government. Then deport the criminal aliens.

If the bureaucrats realize that they can make MILLIONS/BILLIONS of dollars by enforcing the laws, illegal immigration will end. If these "asset forfeiture" laws are good enough for Americans, they are good enough for criminal aliens.

Those delusional few who have stated that "these poor migrants just want to work" need to go to any welfare office or county hospital for a reality check.

These "migrants," criminals, are stealing from our children, parents, and from the U.S.

P.S. This is not racism, it is nationalism. Viva La Raza Americana!

Peter Brimelow writes: This distresses us from a civil libertarian viewpoint – click here for my article on Craig Robert's shocking book on prosecutorial abuse. But it's what happens in war – and irresponsible public policy has gotten the U.S. into a war.

January 15, 2002

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