A Reader Finally Gets to VDARE.com About Print-Friendly Articles
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A Reader Notes A Difference Between U.S. And U.K. Reporting

FROM: Richard J. O'Connor

The real reason for your narrow, colored borders finally dawned on me last night.  It's all very logical.

You have a thing with borders, especially U.S. borders.  You do a marvelous job arguing for strict control of immigration, keeping undesirables from crossing our borders.

So those red borders with all that empty space on the outside are symbolic of your cause.

Very clever. 

Unfortunately, they do waste a lot of ink and paper, like our government.

VDARE.COM REPLIES: OK, OK, we get the message! In response to repeated letters like this, our heroic webmaster has figured out a way to strip out the borders and he'll be retrofitting ALL our articles in the next few weeks. Buy him a drink by donating http://www.cfau.org/contribute.htm

January 13, 2002

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