A Reader Reports Virginia's Barbara Comstock May Lose Her Seat To A Democrat—Because She Never Fought Against Mass Immigration
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Re: VA-10: Trumpist Challenger At Least Forces RINO Barbara Comstock To Stop Pandering To Indians! and #NeverTrump VA Republican Barbara Comstock Panders Hard, But Non-White Voters Still Hate Her

From: A VDARE.com reader from the Old Dominion [Email him]

One of the most watched Congressional races in the nation is Virginia's 10th District where two-term incumbent Rep. Barbara Comstock (R) is trailing (VA State) Sen. Jennifer Wexton (D) by 7 points in the latest polling data. Comstock has had a mediocre record on immigration (Numbers USA rating of "C" to "D") but she has recently come around (sort of) and started emphasizing prosecuting MS-13 gang members in her campaign ads. She has even gone on record favoring the Southern Border Wall! Perhaps she is beginning to realize at this late date that immigration is an important issue to the conservative base—the people she needs to come out and vote for her. [Poll: Wexton leads incumbent Comstock by 7 points in 10th District race,  By Nathaniel Cline, LoudounTimes.com, October 4, 2018]

The Democratic challenger Jennifer Wexton (D - VA 33 State Senate) is sure to be worse on immigration. The Numbers USA evaluation of her immigration record show it to be totally without redeeming value, expect an "F" rating in Congress if she gets elected.

And what is incredibly unsettling is that she has an uncanny resemblance to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford!

See below:


Wexton appeals to the usual Democratic base types, and she is picking up the support of a certain class of suburban women who pathologically despise President Trump. She associates Comstock with Trump in her campaign ads for that reason.

Comstock runs a very good ground game here, but Wexton appears to be well financed and is running hard as well. Both the Wexton and Comstock campaigns have paid for lots of expensive television ads and mailers. It will be a close race, but it should be noted that Comstock is a fighter who will not give up her congressional seat easily.

In a way, Barbara Comstock's re-election challenge is a microcosm of what’s happening to many congressional Republicans who because of cowardice or avarice have purposely ignored the immigration issue for decades now. By not engaging in the fight to get immigration under control these congresspersons have sacrificed their and the nation's tomorrows for expedient reasons today. As the population of the VA 10th CD and the nation change over to demographic groups who overwhelmingly prefer the Left and Democrats it will make the election of Republicans more difficult with each passing year. But they only have themselves to blame for their own demise.



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