A Reader Reports VDARE.com Blocked For The Wrong Reasons
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02/14/11 - A Canadian Reader Says That Canada Is Destroying Itself—And So Is Its "Conservative" Party

From: A Reader [Email him]

Re: James Fulford's  Article Vdare.com Censored by Corporate Software

I can no longer access vdare.com from the Huntington Beach Public Library because it contains "nudity or pornography".  Any comments?

James Fulford writes: Where? The best we can do is the occasional swimsuit pic, illustrating our beauty contest coverage. (This obviously involves the national question, otherwise why would these young women parade under the title Miss Mexico, Miss Bolivia, or Miss America?)

Seriously, it shows how inefficient these filters are, and how dangerous to freedom of speech. We've written the library to ask what filter they use, then we'll write—or have our lawyers write—to the corporation that makes the filter, and so on, but it's a constant struggle.

Thanks to all the people who report these things. There are a variety of ways around these filters—a simple one is to read us on your iPhone, instead of going through your work computer.

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