A Former Floridian Denounces $PLC Smears
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02/15/10 - A Reader Reports VDARE.com Blocked For The Wrong Reasons

From: "Fled from Florida" [Email him]

Re: Peter Brimelow's Hideous Heidi Beirich's Bullying Laid Bare

One has to appreciate the irony of Ms. Beirich's [Email her] comments:

"I do have to ask, though, do you really think white supremacy is a divergent view? Would you invite a Klansman to speak? There must be a line somewhere?"

Here is a PhD, who is the Director of Research for a "Law Center", using the oldest logical fallacy in the book, "guilt by association", to try and make a point to a Federalist Society chapter of lawyers.

Maybe there really is a reason why the $PLC got her on the cheap.

"Fled From Florida" [See previous letters] writes that he lived in Florida from 2000-2009 and was forced out by an unfortunate combination of the economic collapse, illegal alien takeovers, and the super high cost of living—especially housing: "I actually planned my escape in 2007, and consider myself lucky I was able to get out with no complications. When I moved to Florida in 2000, everybody was trying to get in— when I left, everybody was trying to get out!"

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