A Reader Reports That Adam Carolla's TO CATCH A CONTRACTOR Catches Almost Nothing But Immigrants
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From: Troy [Email him]

Adam Carolla has a new show on Spike Network—"To Catch a Contractor." The theme of the show is to help homeowners who have been screwed by crooked contractors. Typically work is not done, or done badly, and the contractor then takes the money he's gotten from the homeowner and runs. Carolla and his team find the contractors, confront them, and "persuade" the contractor to finish the job properly.

The show is entertaining. However, it's typical of TV shows that ignore the elephant in the room. I've watched nearly every episode, and all but one of the shows I've seen have featured the team catching an obvious immigrant contractor.  Here's Carolla with Jose:

Not all of the contractors are Mexican or of Hispanic descent (most are), but nearly all speak with heavy accents, to the point where subtitles are required. No attempts are made to discover immigration status.

Yet another harm to the USA from unchecked immigration. The message to viewers should be clear - hire contractors who are not of immigrant stock.

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