A Reader Reports Anti-Trump Voter Hate And Discrimination By Black Postal Workers
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From: An Anonymous Colorado Reader [Email him]

I recently moved to Denver. I was trying to rent a post office box on the day after the election, I didn't have all the right ID (renting a post office box was harder than getting a two-week sublet).
One form of ID they can take is your voter registration. There were two people talking to me at this point, one went to get her supervisor basically. They commented that I "look like a Trump voter," in kind of a snide tone. I lied and said no, and the supervisor said, "Good, I would've torn this lobby up." 

I ended up not renting the box—I'm paying more to rent one from UPS where at least they have decent customer service.
Both employees were Black.
James Fulford writes;  Before the election, the MSM worried that Trump, as President, would "do something" to the USPS to prevent Biden votes from getting through. That wasn't a conspiracy theory. Now that mail-in ballots look like electing Biden, the idea that Post Office employees might backdate late ballots or lose Trump ballots is a conspiracy theory, according to the MSM, even though it requires no actual directed conspiracy, just a black culture of hate.
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