A Reader Reports A Failed Attempt At Mass Murder In A Gay Club—Also By A Second Generation Muslim
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From: An Anonymous Googler [Email him]

Today a guest on MSNBC noted that the Orlando massacre was not the first attempt of its kind—a few years ago, he said, a hate-filled man attempted to set a gay club on fire in Seattle, which would have killed hundreds.

That much was consistent with the MSM narrative of such violence being a matter of (presumably) native Christian gay-hatred. I, of course, being curious and open-minded, set about googling the incident—and was shocked, shocked I tell you to find this would-be arsonist and gay-murderer named as one Musab Masmari, a Libyan. [10 years in prison for Seattle gay club arsonist |Arsonist sentenced in New Year’s fire at popular gay nightclub, By Levi Pulkkinen, SeattlePI.Com, July 31, 2014]

So there is a pattern....

James Fulford writes:  The story specifies that Masmari’s parents came from Libya, and he himself was a “California native”—a birthright citizen , eligible to be President, impossible to deport, etc., like Omar Mateen, Nidal Hasan, and Syed Farook. Yes, there is a pattern.


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