A Reader Reminds Us Hispanics Are Counted As White When Committing Hate Crimes, As Minority When Victims
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Ellison Lodge’s article How George Zimmerman Became White

From: An Anonymous Reader [Email him]

Ellison Lodge writes  that “This is not the first time a Hispanic has magically become white.” Indeed not! Under so-called "hate crime" laws, "Hispanic" is a category of victims, for federal crime statistics, but not one of offenders! Unless an Hispanic offender is quite obviously black (like, say, Sammy Sosa—prior to his skin bleaching, anyway), he will be categorized as a white offender when engaged in a "hate crime" against a black victim—or even against a genuine (non-Hispanic) white victim! As unbalanced as the "hate crime" statistics are, with black-on-white crimes greatly outnumbering white-on-black crimes, they are still heavily biased and misleading, because they count most brown offenders as whites, and never count them as brown—i.e., Hispanic.

By the way, for the record, Rita Hayworth was not purely Spanish: her father was a Spanish dancer, while her mother (the former Miss Hayworth herself) was a typical non-Hispanic white American chorus girl on Broadway.

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