A Reader Remembers An MSM Obfuscation: The Afghan Terrorist "Colorado Man"
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Re: James Fulford's blog item:“Brewster Man” [Hispanic Illegal Alien] Charged With Attempted Rape In Westchester County

From: An Anonymous Reader Who's Been Keeping Track [Email him]

James Fulford's note about the "Brewster Man" (from Guatemala) reminded me of an earlier MSM atrocity—Najibullah Zazi, the "Colorado Man" arrested in the Times Square bombing plot.

James Fulford writes: Yes, when you Google "Colorado Man" and Najibullah Zazi you get a bunch of stories that have headlines like  Colorado man, father arrested in terror probe ,  Colorado man pleads not guilty to terrorism charges , and  Colorado Man Is Charged in U.S. Bomb Probe . For the record, Zazi was born in Afghanistan , was a refugee in Pakistan, and came to America when he was a teenager. Since he spent his teen years in the New York area, you could call him a "New York man," or a "Flushing man," but if you wanted to convey useful information to the public  you would head the story “Muslim Immigrant Arrested In Terror Probe”.  But normally, the MSM will only describe someone that way if they’re the victim. (The LA TIMES, surprisingly, got it right.)

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