A Reader Protests That Sikhs Don't Qualify As A Non-White Minority—Because They're White
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Nikki HaleyRe: James Fulford's article Michelle Obama And Anti-Sikh Violence—Does She Realize She’s Actually Denouncing Her Own People?

From: "Spirit of the Fighting 69th" (e-mail him)

More of the absurdity of racism, Sikhs are caucasoid, look at Nikki Haley, governor of South Carolina. This minority business is just a scam to get money.

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James Fulford writes: There's a lot in what the writer says—Sikhs come in a variety of colors, frequently very white,  but the point is that they're already doing better than blacks or Hispanics, and thus don't need Affirmative Action.

Nikki Haley's father is a doctor, her mother built a multi-million dollar business, and Haley herself has an accounting degree. This is not Maxine Waters.

I said in my article that SALDEF, the Sikh clone of MALDEF, has a lot less to do than MALDEF, et al, because 

  • Sikhs actually don’t commit that much crime;
  • there’s no official discrimination against them;
  • they don’t fail standardized tests at a great rate.

Of course, if university admissions offices ever figure out that Sikhs count as either white or Asian, then they will be discriminated against. 


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