A Houston Reader Reports Good News From Utah
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From: George Weinbaum [e-mail him]

The WSJ, 18 August 2012 in "How Utah Avoids the National Economic Funk", tells us

"Economic growth has been accompanied by positive demographic shifts. ... And the state is becoming more ethnically and racially diverse. 'In Utah, minorities are 17.4% of the adult population and nearly one-fourth of the youth', noted a 2011 study by the University of Utah's Bureau of Economic and Business Research (BEBR). That's in stark contrast to a population that 12 years ago was almost 90% white. ... 'The overriding factor working in our favor is that Utah is seen as an island of stability in a chaotic context', says Jeff Edwards, head of the state's Economic Development Corporation".

Just imagine how well Utah will do when it is as "diverse" as California! No matter what happens, the WSJ can be counted on to tell us how great diversity is. Just why is Utah "an island of stability" anyway?

See previous letters from George Weinbaum. See also "Utah's Not Diverse - It's Weird!" By Steve Sailer, February 22, 2002—when was Utah almost 90% white. 

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