A Reader Proposes Reuniting DREAMers With Their Families—Via Deportation!
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Re: Allan Wall’s blog item Mexican Media Play Up DREAMER Sob Story

From: An Anonymous Humanitarian [Email him]

Next to pulling the "racist" arrow from their quiver, "tearing innocent families apart" seems to be the fashionable weapon of choice for those Open Borders zealots seeking to guilt the unsuspecting public into an aphasic self loathing stump for cruelly harboring an inner sense of fairness, rule of law, and a reasonably ordered society.

The notion that the U.S. and its merciless immigration policies cause of the destruction of immigrant family units is ludicrous when you consider the following: The CDC reports that at the end of 2010, 53.4% of all Hispanic births in the U.S. were to unmarried women.

So much for keeping families together: they were never solidified in the first place. It also vaporizes the notion that Hispanics have “traditional family values” and are “natural Republicans”.

Others in the complicit media have raised the argument that somehow, the U.S. and its citizenry are a negative influence on recent immigrants.

So how do Hispanics’ births out of wedlock in the U.S. compare to her neighbor Mexico? There’s not much difference, according to  blogger Diego Valle-Jones: The unmarried parenthood rate in Mexico December 18, 2009 In 2006, the UN estimated it at 38% for Mexico—and 73% for El Savador!

Also, according to a 1997 International Gallup poll, 67% of Mexicans felt having a child out of wedlock was not wrong compared to 31% who said it was.

The message that has been repeatedly pounded into us, like savage war drums, is that these innocent DREAMers were brought here against their willthey are victims just as their parents are victims who were only, after all, looking for something better.

Bit if they’re innocent, why are the kids featured in this story in the U.S. while their mothers (where are the fathers?) are in another country? Who brought the children here?

The reality is that  tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors cross our borders voluntarily every year. The DACA or DREAM Act does not discriminate against these lone scofflaws. And many aliens have made the choice to disunite their family themselves by coming here take a job that supposedly an American will not do.

Nevertheless, with the war drums still reverberating in my head, I do find myself feeling a bit guilty and will call for a compassionate solution to this problem.

I propose the launching of a “Deport To Reunite” campaign.

Tell Obama to quit keeping these youngsters from their parents and deport them immediately. 

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