A Reader Praises Mark Levin
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An Anonymous Podcast Listener [Email him]

The Mark Levin podcast for February 4, 2015 could have been written just for VDARE.com.Mark-Levin-117_0[1]

He covers the American Nation, the need to assimilate, and the National Question.

James Fulford writes: I listened to part of this, and Levin started by going on about ISIS, which is a little on the neoconservative side. (If Obama is a "do-nothing" president on ISIS, that many not be the worst thing that could happen.) But Levin does get into the substantive issues, and the one part that I thought was amusing was when he pointed out that Obama will be able to finish his term and rest on his laurels as the First Black President, and, Levin  said, "maybe there'll be a new national holiday."
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