A Reader Points Out That The FDNY Has Been Attacked By Both Al Qaeda And The Bush Administration
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Re: Steve Sailer’s blog post FDNY Passes La Griffe 101—Make The Test So Easy Everbody Passes It, Then Hire Who You Like

From: Reginald De Chantillon  [Email him]

So sad...and typical. First the heroic New York Fire Department is attacked by Al-Qaeda Islam Terrorists, then after suffering hundreds of dead, they are attacked by the Bush Regime. That is the theme of the last fifty years,  whether it’s the LAPD, the Southern States, or places like Rhodesia and South Africa. The Globalists are against everyone, even when the targets are the defenders of Western Christian goodness.

Seems like a good campaign theme. First Al-Qaeda came for the FDNY then the Bushies came for the FDNY. Something to consider in the future.

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James Fulford writes: To the list of attackers of the FDNY, don't forget unelected Judge Nicholas Garaufis, appointed by Bill Clinton. At this point, he's the prime mover behind the Vulcan Society lawsuit, and should be held accountable. But he won't be, because judges never are.

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