A Reader Points Out Our Blog's Technical Problems—We Explain
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09/24/10 - A Reader Notes More Ethnic Cleansing In LA

From: A Representative Reader (One Of Many)

RE: "Wordpress Error Establishing A Database Connection" and similar messages

Just in case you're not aware, thought I'd point out that  blog.vdare.com is unresponsive probably half the time.

James Fulford writes: We are indeed aware of it, and we're working on it. We've had problems with (something I don't really understand called) MYSQL, and when we solved those, we started to have problems with (something I don't really understand called) Apache—possibly due to a Denial Of Service attack. That part I do understand, there are people out there who don't like us.

But we're working hard to fix this and other problems.

Peter Brimelow adds: We're all too aware of this problem. A complete redesign was supposed to take care of it, but was stalled when the funder who had promised to finance it got an attack of Political Correctness earlier this year. We haven't asked readers for help for a while, but this will be a priority when we do

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