A Helpful Reader Has A Suggestion For VDARE.COM Blog Outages
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09/25/10 - A Reader Points Out Our Blog's Technical Problems—We Explain

From: A Helpful Reader

Re: A Reader Points Out Our Blog's Technical Problems—We Explain

You may want to point out to your readers that they can set their browser home page to my.yahoo.com, my.aol.com, or something similar, and add RSS feeds to blog.vdare.com to their home page.  Then they can read the blog from the RSS feeds when the blog itself is down (which I don't think is anywhere near half of the time).  I do this myself when I cannot read your blog directly.

James Fulford writes: We do in fact have an RSS feed for the blog, as well as for the main site. But of course, not everyone knows what an RSS feed is. (I do, but I wouldn't swear Peter Brimelow does.) However, the reader's point that the content may be available even when the site is briefly out of service is a good one. We won't use it as excuse to stop trying to have the site working all the time, though.

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