A Reader Objects To Vicente Fox's Childish Anti-Trump Rant
June 11, 2017, 08:00 PM
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From: Delroy [Email him]

I'm really shocked this has gotten so little coverage from conservative outlets, especially your site and Breitbart. It's so brazen and despicable, and it's unsurprisingly gotten lavished with praise:

Vicente Fox insults Trump and the wall, and shamelessly flaunts the abuse his country has done to US sovereignty. It's really, really hard to pick out the vilest  parts from this his digs about the "electoral college" in view of what Mexico has done to our election process; the embarrassing "ladder" dig about the border wall, an argument that apparently isn't limited to retarded boomers and college students; talking about how he's not hated by the vast majority of his country, (which has one of the lowest press freedom rankings on the planet)  and of course, a farewell in Russian.

I long for the day this country is no longer beholden to sociopathic, Latin American oligarchs.