A Reader Notes The FDIC Is Recruiting Spanish Speaking (I. E. Hispanic) Civil Servants
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From: A DC Reader [Email Him]

Ironic?  The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation  published a job January 6 at its Washington DC headquarters that requires the applicant to be fluent in Spanish and pays over $230,000. You have to apply by January 20.

Senior Community Affairs Specialist (CG-301-15)

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Salary Range: $142,071.00 to $236,815.00 / Per Year

Job Overview

This position is located in the Division of Depositor and Consumer Protection, Consumer and Community Affairs, Headquarters of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and provides support in the areas of Consumer and Community Affairs.

Bilingual - English and Spanish language skill is required. Applicants must document their ability to read, write, and speak the Spanish language on their resume and demonstrate their language proficiency in both languages at the time of interview. The interview will be conducted in English and Spanish and you will be required to translate documents from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English. Spanish language proficiency is a qualification determining factor.

Selectee must pass a Spanish language proficiency test be eligible for appointment.



The incumbent will be assigned responsibilities requiring fluency in the Spanish language. The applicant will be required to speak and converse in the Spanish language. Tasks assigned will include the ability to perform Spanish to English translations and English to Spanish.

James Fulford writes: My question is, why? The Federal Government doesn't need to be translating all this stuff into Spanish for the benefit of immigrants who don't speak English—although the people who really benefit are Hispanic citizens who do speak Spanish.


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