A Reader Notes A Movie In Which Mexicans Are The Villains
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From: Olivia Bell [Email her]

11191457_ori[1]Cartel Land, a no-holds-barred account of the Mexican border war on drugs and Sundance 2015 directing winner for best US documentary, plays in select theaters just in time for Independence Day. With a 95% critic approval rating from Rotten Tomatoes, the question remains how did a pro-militia, anti-Mexican drug cartel movie get nationwide distribution and heavy-hitting accolades?

Ah, yes, the main vigilantes in focus are Mexican locals fighting against the violent Knights Templar Cartel and corrupt police who have made their once "peaceful" towns into a living nightmare.

Just like the recent Oscar-nominated anti-Islamic film Timbuktu, only non-whites in their native lands can criticize tyrannical oppression and be applauded. White people who take a stand and do the same are simply considered ignorant and racist, especially if, like Donald Trump, they're running for President.

The reader works in the film industry.

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