A Reader Mistakenly Says Michael Drejka Had No Self-Defense Rights Because He "Initiated" A Confrontation...By SPEAKING To A Black Woman
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Re: Nicholas Stix's article War On The White Working Class: The Judicial Lynching Of Michael Drejka

From: Mitchell [Email him]

This story, while it does illustrate the power of the media to enforce its narrative, is not a good argument for a self-defense case.

The law of self defense in almost every state, requires that you must not have instigated the altercation in any way. Think about it. If it were not so, people could and would instigate a fight, then back off and use deadly force and claim self defense.

Civilians, no matter how outraged, have no business and no legal authority to “chastise” people for any offense, much less civil infractions like parking violations. By doing so, essentially removed any ability to claim self defense later. If he had walked away, even after admonishing Jacobs, and was then pursued by McGlockton, the situation would have been different.

I do not disagree with the thrust of the rest of Mr. Stix’ article, but as a CCW holder, my training says that Drejka made a life-changing mistake when he initiated a confrontation that he had no legal right to do.

James Fulford writes: First of all, it's not necessarily true that you can't use lethal force, even if you can be accused of "initiating' a conflict. However, Drejka didn't "chastise" anyone—Stix's article says he "admonished [Brittany] Jacobs to obey the parking laws." Then she got her boyfriend, said a white man had spoken to her, and the boyfriend blindsided Drejka, who had "walked away", just not far enough.

See video below:

As Stix mentioned, the late Lawrence Auster,whose book Our Borders, Ourselves, has just been published posthumously, wrote that anything you say to a black person may result in a lethal attack:

  • 10(j) If you have stopped your car at an intersection and your car is surrounded by a mob of threatening blacks and one of them throws a rock at your car window, do not get out of your car to confront the rock thrower. Stay in your car and drive away as quickly as you can.
  • 10(k) If you see a black man with his baby daughter who is crying incessantly, do not walk up to him and ask him if the child is all right. Mind your own business.
  • 10(m) If you see a black man drop a beer bottle or other trash outside your home, do not ask him, even very politely, to pick it up.
  • 10(n) If you are walking along a street, and a car with black males in it almost runs you over, do not yell out, “Hey, watch where you’re going!”

White asks black to pick up beer can he dropped outside white’s condo; black swears, knocks white to ground, then kicks him in face causing broken jaw, multiple other facial fractures, and loosened teeth, Amnation.com, May 22, 2012

Was the guy who said "Hey, watch where you’re going!" (the late Christopher Kernich) initiating a confrontation?

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