A Reader Is Unimpressed By The MacArthur Foundation's Latest Illegal "Genius"
October 15, 2017, 06:59 PM
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Re: John Derbyshire: Can MacArthur Awards Go Lower Than Genius T. Coates? Meet Cristina (Jiménez?) Moreta! etc.

From: Captain Willard  [Commenting at Unz.com]

I had the sad experience of suffering through a commencement address from Ms. Jimenez Moreta delivered upon the occasion of my son’s graduation from college. She received an honorary degree!!

She delivered a litany of complaints about her host nation. We apparently haven’t done enough for her illegal parents and siblings. Welfare, free primary/secondary education and college scholarships were insufficient. Her only obvious genius: she’s a world-class whiner and marketer.

She cannot string together two coherent ideas. So she’s perfect for today’s intersectional progs.

Since I’m of Latin extraction, married to a legal Latina, I found her wailing beyond insulting. Why did our family follow the rules? My kids would be “Geniuses” had we just flouted laws and societal norms. After all, I was sitting in the goddamn audience at the University (higher ranked than Baruch College) which granted her the fricking honorary degree!

Instead of busting our asses working, we should’ve become genius complainers or professional Latinos like her. Sadly, more will just follow her example. Hard work is just too hard.