A Reader Alerts Us To The Paris Statement—"A Europe We Can Believe In"
October 14, 2017, 12:47 PM
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From: A European Scholar [Email him]

I thought I might draw your attention to the "Paris Statement" recently issued by a group of conservative intellectuals from various European countries at TheTrueEurope.eu. It is something that merits publicity.

It starts

Europe belongs to us, and we belong to Europe. These lands are our home; we have no other. The reasons we hold Europe dear exceed our ability to explain or justify our loyalty. It is a matter of shared histories, hopes and loves. It is a matter of accustomed ways, of moments of pathos and pain. It is a matter of inspiring experiences of reconciliation and the promise of a shared future. Ordinary landscapes and events are charged with special meaning—for us, but not for others. Home is a place where things are familiar, and where we are recognized, however far we have wandered. This is the real Europe, our precious and irreplaceable civilization. [ More
And is signed by
  • Phillipe Bénéton (France)
  • Rémi Brague (France)
  • Chantal Delsol (France)
  • Roman Joch (Cesko)
  • Lánczi András (Magyarország)
  • Ryszard Legutko (Polska)
  • Roger Scruton (United Kingdom)
  • Robert Spaemann (Deutschland)
  • Bart Jan Spruyt (Nederland)
  • Matthias Storme (België)
James Fulford writes: The only name on the list I personally recognize is the Englishman, Roger Scruton, but that's good enough for me.