A Reader Is Not Ahmused By Hmong Hmeadlines; Peter Brimelow Hreplies
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February 12, 2005

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Harvard's George Borjas Reports Tension In The Alien Nation

From: Steve Pope:

I agree with everything your writers say about immigration and the dangers of multiculturalism, but you are not helping your cause with headlines like "Hmemo to Hmayor Kelly". Educated adults should be able to accept that immigration by the Hmong creates serious problems and still acknowledge that they are a fascinating people with a fascinating language. Third-grade snickers about weird spellings are for ignorant xenophobes. VDARE.COM should be about enlightened xenophobia. Civilized people are often justified in fearing strangers, but not in disrespecting them.

Peter Brimelow replies: Hmm (this isn't a pun). It is sort of a Private Eye-style running joke, which has fans and detractors. Maybe we should give it a rest.

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