A Reader Is Inspired To Grassroots Activism By Trump
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From: Tyler James Colby [Email him]

I'm just a regular dude. With one week left, I'm desperately trying to help save our country from HRC and her liberal agenda.

So, I've thought of something I'm calling the TrumpThatVote Initiative. Basically, I am calling conservatives/nationalists/Trump supporters to arms in an effort to get everyone who's planning on voting for Trump to find ONE unregistered voter before the election.

I made a short (I hope) inspirational video explaining it. I know I'm small fish compared to a website like yours, but since I'm a huge fan and I figured we shared a common goal and maybe VDARE.com  would be interested in helping me spread my message.

Here's a link explaining it a bit more in detail:


Thanks for reading my message!

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