A Connecticut Reader Reports Record Voter Registration—Inspired By Trump
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There was a report on the local cable news, Channel 12, from a voter registration office that had been swamped with new registrations. The number of new registrations in CT was estimated at two million. which was higher that in 2008 according to the reporter. This would when Obama brought in new voters.

It would seem obvious that this 2016 increase is due to Trump. This is in support of the notion that Trump will awaken Republican voters who stayed away from the polls. It would be great if this was reported on national TV. Also, I wonder if the Trump people were handing out voter registration forms at the various rallies?

NORWALK - Voter registrars across southwestern Connecticut were busy Monday as a record number of people scrambled to meet the deadline to register to vote.

Officials at Norwalk City Hall were busy trying to keep up with all the voter registration applications they have received.

A record has already been set statewide, as more than 2 million people have registered to vote.

The deadline to register is Tuesday. Registrar offices will be open until about 8 p.m.

Voters also have the option to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles online to register. This is the first year the DMV is automatically registering people to vote when they renew their license.

News 12 has been told that voter registration will also be available on Election Day at select locations, but it will most likely be a long wait.

Record number of people register to vote in southwestern CT, October 31, 2016

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