A Reader Insists We Must Make Politicians Fear To Mouth The "Nation Of Immigrants" Lie
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Re: Delmar Jackson's letter A Florida Reader Has Hope For Santorum

From: Jesse Mossman [Email him]

In his recent letter Delmar Jackson made some excellent points. Like Mr. Jackson, I too am hopeful that Santorum's statement that legal, not just illegal, immigration is a problem, will force other candidates to join him if they hope to compete. I too want candidates to stop claiming that they are for securing the border but that legal immigration is great and amnesty for illegals is right.

Santorum's quote "[W]hen people tell me the problem is just illegal immigration, they’re wrong. They’re wrong..."in Allan Wall's piece is indeed cause for optimism.

Delmar Jackson also mentions globalism—important because immigration isn't an isolated problem. Rather it is a symptom of a set of globalist beliefs which include cultural relativism, multi-culturalism, and political correctness. These beliefs enable the cheap-labor elitists to push for mass immigration and to silence critics with labels such as xenophobe, nativist, and racist. To really win on immigration restriction we must resurrect the idea of nationalism—that there is nothing wrong with policies which place the interests of our country, our culture, and our people first.

In this election period we must encourage other politicians to embrace the positive statements of Santorum and demand that candidates place our interests first—not those of globalist elites or colonizing foreigners. We must make politicians fear to mouth the "nation of immigrants" lie and talk instead of a nation of Americans.

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