A Reader Has Some Questions For Evangelical Leaders And High-Church Grand Pooh-Bahs, Etc.
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From: Roscoe Shrewsbury [email him]

Just to locate me socioeconomically: I am a lower-middle-class nobody living in a lower-middle-class neighborhood in God-forsaken Southern California. Nevertheless, I would like to pose some questions to these evangelical leaders and high-church grand Pooh-Bahs, who regularly emerge from their meetings, convocations, conclaves, seminars, councils, conferences, and synods, to announce that Holy Scripture demands we welcome more cheap gardeners and maids for their estates.

Well, to be honest, I don't think they phrase it quite that way—I think they usually say that the Bible says we must welcome the migrants, the strangers in our midst, wash their feet, etc. Whatever.

Anyway, I just have a few questions. For instance, are they really trying to tell me that Jesus wants my neighborhood schools filled up with Mexican gangs so I have to nearly go broke sending my kids to private school?

Why does Jesus want spray-painted gang tags on my driveway?

Why does He want me to live in a neighborhood where two murders have been committed in the street within half a block of my house in the last ten years?

Why does he want me to have to endure low-rider cars with nuclear-powered stereos passing by in the wee hours of the morning, shaking my walls with their booming so-called music? 

Does Jesus really want me to spend my last nickel on inflated health-insurance premiums because the emergency rooms are filled with illegal immigrants, some with minor fungal infections, others needing millions of dollars of kidney dialysis, but none of whom ever pay?

Why does Jesus want all these things? A generation ago nobody in my (dare I say it?) white neighborhood even bothered locking their front doors. Now we remaining xenophobic nativists are obliged to keep loaded, licensed firearms in our dressers. Does that make Jesus happy?

Oh—wait a minute—or...or...or is it that all these clerics are really more interested in marxoid politics than in Christianity, and don't actually give a rat's patootie what Jesus wants?

You know, just idly wondering. Thank you for your time.

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