A Reader From Oregon (Where They STOPPED Illegal Licences) Writes On On How To Do It Nationally
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From: Ronald N. Swaren [Email him]

We need to have a legal group take this up right away in federal court.

The US signed on to an International Treaty in 1949, the Geneva Convention on Road Traffic, that stipulates that drivers in a foreign country need to have a home issued license and an International Driving Permit.

Certainly US citizens going abroad would be told, or otherwise learn of this rule. And most people from other countries would know. Usually tourists don't drive, but if they do they have to have applied for an International Driving Permit and also carry their own license.

Since this is international treaty how can individual states like California supersede this?  International treaty should trump state law!

See previous letters from the same reader, who  was a volunteer on Measure 88.

James Fulford writes: Canada, the US, and Mexico apparently  allow each others' citizens to drive with their countries' licenses, without requiring an IDP, by agreement.

But it's not licensed Mexican drivers that are the problem, it's people who never drove a car before they came to America, and learned "informally" by driving illegally with some relative who also didn't know how to drive.

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