A Reader Describes Hispanic Substitutes For Panhandling
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Re: A Houston Reader Isn’t Impressed By Ted Cruz’s Claim That Hispanics Don’t Panhandle

From: An Anonymous Reader [Email him]

How does one know Hispanics aren’t panhandling, especially in Hispanic dominated states like California, Texas, and Florida? Are we discriminating based upon skin color?

If you saw SNL cast member Noël Wells panhandling on a street corner in your neighborhood would you conclude that she was white or possibly of Mediterranean descent? How would you know someone wasn’t of Hispanic ancestry unless you stopped and asked them their name along with their ethnic background?

Open Borders libertarian economist Bryan Caplan declares he’s “never encountered an Hispanic beggar in America.” [Why Don't Hispanics Beg in America? August 23, 2007] I say he’s never looked in the right places. As was pointed out by James Fulford in response to reader George Weinbaum’s letter, day labor centers are the Hispanic equivalent of begging and/or panhandling.

But, that’s not the only place we can look for signs of Hispanic panhandling. We just need to venture down to any local public school, any hospital emergency waiting room, and of course any local welfare office. Why stand out on a street corner all day, get hot and sticky and put up with degrading stares and insults when you can just as easily panhandle from Uncle Sam and state taxpayers down at a local air conditioned facility.

Bryan Caplan also stipulates in his puff piece “that Hispanics are unusually likely to see begging as shameful”. But, of course there’s no shame in migrating to the US and taking up residence illegally. Or taking jobs away from American workers and depressing blue collar wages. Or protesting and demanding US citizenship even though this would result in arrest and imprisonment if this type of behavior was engaged in by illegal foreigners in their home countries.

And, of course there’s no shame in dumping their foreign born children in our public schools while insisting that their children born in the US are US citizens by default. Or walking into any hospital emergency room and running up astronomical bills and then shirking on the bill, or expecting taxpayers to pay for their welfare benefits and food assistance.

And, there’s also no shame in driving around without proper identification and insurance, or driving drunk and killing innocent US citizens, or engaging in illegal drug/human smuggling, illegal drug sales, or forming criminal gangs to distribute and sell illegal drugs, or filling up our prisons at taxpayer expense, or forming communities that discriminate against non Hispanics while pushing non-Hispanics out, or refusing to learn English and assimilate into American culture.

Finally, contrary to the ministrations of Bryan Caplan, Hispanics have grown quite accustomed to being unashamed about begging at the hands of the US taxpayer.

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