A Reader Denounces The 10% Of Influential Immigration Enthusiasts Who Have Kept Overruling The Rest Of Us
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 Re: It’s the Immigration, Stupid! Ann Coulter’s IN TRUMP WE TRUST Explains Trump’s Appeal

From Jim Bowery [Email him]

I've got a message for immigration patriots and, in particular, polemicists such as Ann Coulter:

It's the 10%, stupid!

Which 10%?

The 10% (at most) that increased immigration against the will of 90% (at least) and did so for decades. [See Poll Exposes Elite-Public Clash On Immigration,   by Sam Francis, October 24, 2002]

This 10% managed to admit enough fellow travelers to the US that, today, they number between 20% and 25%—but they are still "The 10%".

The "10%" needs to be juxtaposed with "decades of immigration increase" as the first and last thing presented in any polemic; and in between it needs to be the nail hammered most relentlessly.  See "Diversity" vs Human Development on my blog.

Here's why:

10% violating the consent of 90% a strategic social policy has no justification.


It doesn't matter how much empirical support you have for a social "theory" like "Diversity is our greatest strength!"  It doesn't matter how you define "representative" as a qualifier for "democracy".  It doesn't matter how you "define" a word like "populism" even if you have hundreds of Hollywood movies with which to smear the 90%.

It is a direct and relentless attack on the consent of the governed:

The foundation of civilization.

Attacking the foundation of civilization has consequences...



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