A Reader comments on Foreign TAs
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A Reader comments on Foreign TAs

From:  Jack P. Starrantino


Thanks for the article (Borjas strikes again! Shows Foreign TAs hurt American undergrads). I wasn't aware anyone was actually looking at this.

I got to see it for myself when I was a grad student. I taught an 8AM lab section during the winter semester, and Pittsburgh PA winters are not fun.  At the start of the semester there were a lot of empty seats, but as time went on I had more and more kids. Finally, I came in one morning and found that not only were all the lab benches full, but so were the window sills.

It was cold, dark, early, and Monday; and I had a full lab.

So I asked what was going on. It took a while, but finally the kids admitted that they were having problems understanding the TAs in the other sections and were having trouble on the quizzes. - jps

January 21, 2001

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