A Reader Calls Senator Grahamnesty's Office, Explains Facts Of Life
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From: An Anonymous Constituent Of Lindsey Graham [Email Him]

I've been spending some time calling our sell-out Republican politicians this week. As you can probably guess I've been berating them for being such turncoats.  Today's call to Senator Grahamnesty's office was uniquely fun and successful.[VDARE.com note: The senior Senator from South Carolina was christened Lindsey Graham,[Twitter] and sworn in under that name, but Google brings up thousands of hits for “Lindsey Grahmnesty.” ]

I made a big effort to start off being soft and polite so I could engage the call taker.

Me: "I've heard that Senator Graham is trying to pass comprehensive immigration reform".

Call taker: "Yes"

Me: "How is that going to help Republicans".

Call taker: (in a real smug voice) "We're not trying to help Republicans, were trying to solve a problem!".

Me: "I know you're not trying to help Republicans! That's what we've been trying to tell you! An amnesty will just further marginalize Republicans!

After you give amnesty to the illegals they will not vote Republican, They vote Democrat because they want a check from the government. Then when you betray all the Republicans we won't show up on election day! That will make you a double loser! Do you want to be a double loser?!"

Call taker:"Okay, I see your point, I'll pass it on."

Me: "Thank you".

I can't believe that I finally got someone to understand! And I can't believe that I finally got Lindsey Grahamnesty's office to finally admit that they are not trying to help Republicans!

I'm a big fan of your web site. Keep up the great work!

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