A Reader Calls For The Death Penalty For Norway Killer—Asks Why He Isn't Considered Psychotic By MSM
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From: An Anonymous Reader [Email him]

Regarding The Norwegian mass murderer, Anders Behring Breivik: I am always dumbfounded that psychosis is so rarely mentioned in the press, when people like Breivik do such inexplicable things as his mass murder spree upon his country's young men.

Given that his "manifesto" is a mish-mash of seemingly incompatible views, and seeing the disorganization of his thought process (even while being dedicated to one goal), it would seem obvious to anyone within the field of psychology that this man has loose, or at least strangely connected associations in his mind. Not to mention he was juiced by very dangerous levels of anabolic steroids!

Why is nobody, including Vdare, suggesting he might suffer from a thought disorder?

( I vote to fry him anyway)!

This has even been sorely lacking in the case of US Army Major Hasan, who shot dozens. (Fry him, too).

Although his aims were more coherent (by a very long shot) than those of Breivik, though his victims [American soldiers] were congruent with his aims,[Islamic] I would bet the farm that Hassan is delusional, if only on a subtle level. I am sure his faculties are compromised by some level of psychosis. Look into his eyes. You will see the same vacant look of one David Berkowitz (Son of Sam Killer).

Berkowitz may also be a sociopath, but thought disorders (the Cadillacs of mental illness) and sociopathy are not mutually exclusive!

I suggest that though Breivik may be narcissistic and/ or sociopathic, he is likely suffering from a thought disorder...schizophreniform disorder, schizotypal disorder, frank schizophrenia, or some undifferentiated thought disorder. I seriously doubt his actions, and thoughts, incongruent as they are, can be explained otherwise. (Did I mention he needs to be fried anyway?)

We should be looking into this very closely in regards to Breivik; the MSM is going to run pell-mell with this, and white atonement will be demanded for years. The story may never die.

If Breivik is indeed "mad," it must be outed.

Still, he needs Texas - style justice...no, make that the gallows.

James Fulford writes: I share the reader's enthusiasm for the death penalty, although I rarely use expressions like "Fry him!" And I am also skeptical about exempting lunatics from the Death Penalty. But whether someone is considered a lunatic, rather than an ideologue by the press depends largely on his ideology.

Lee Harvey Oswald was a communist. That's a perfectly coherent motive for shooting President Kennedy, the anti-Communist leader of the free world, but the MSM at the time didn't like it, because they felt Communists were the victims of persecution by evil McCarthyites. Result: Oswald is a lone nut.

Nidal Hasan is a Muslim. Muslims hate Christians, Americans, Westerners, et cetera, ,so it's not surprising that a Muslim should shoot up an American Army Base. It almost happened again last week. But Muslims are considered victims of persecution and Islamophobia, so the result is that people decided he was suffering from "Vicarious Trauma or Compassion Fatigue." I referred to this as Post-Islamic Stress Disorder.

In the Tucson Shootings and the Norway Shootings, the press can blame the right. Result—the shooters, no matter how crazed, are ideologues! Sarah Palin or Fjordman gets the blame. That's because in the mind of the press, conservatives are never the victims of persecution.

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