A Reader Asks Why Wausau WI Had To Suffer The Ordeal Of Hmong Immigration
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Re: Brenda Walker’s blog post Wisconsin Writer Stirs Up Wausau Hmong Issue 20 Years After Roy Beck

From: An Anonymous Immigration Patriot [Email him]

It is very interesting to see Roy Beck's classic article on the Hmong refugee debacle being slammed just as the President flouts the law to grant a disastrous Amnesty.

Timing is everything. One needs to remember that the every article or report coming from a MSM paper, show, or website is part dishonest propaganda...i.e. "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" and "Fraternity initiation rape."  

The Ordeal of Immigration in Wausau [Atlantic Monthly, April , 1994] is inherently "dated" in that Mr. Beck was reporting on an ongoing situation regarding Hmong that was occurring between the mid-1970s and 1994. The larger issues still remain true and there is no end to the problems of Third World refugees. I think that implication of the recent article that the Hmong have become assimilated and upwardly mobile (the subtitle says Mr. Beck’s article “seems not so much prescient as dated”) is a bald faced lie.

The Wausau Daily Herald article [How Wausau’s immigration fears failed to come true, By Robert Mentzer,  December 7, 2014] contradicts its central thrust of “all is well” in the final paragraph: "...there’s still a part of what existed then that does exist now. … We still have a ways to go.”

In other words, the problems remain, but the civically responsible whites of Wausau have done something to contain the Hmong problem to 11% of Wausau’s population. I suspect that they enacted some sort of law that appeared to be racially neutral but was aimed at the Hmong, i.e. zoning restrictions on horse slaughtering or rigid enforcement of laws against gambling dens and prostitution rings. It could be that the general attitude of hostility reported by the Roy Beck article was enough to get some Hmong to move or settle elsewhere (or, best of all, not leave home at all).

It would be interesting enough to see what actually worked. Such techniques should be copied by other towns.

Ultimately, it is for the whites of Wausau and America to ask: is this 11% acceptable or not?

If not, then the situation should be reversed.


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