A Reader Alerts Us To The Latest Billionaire For Open Borders: Sam Wyly
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From: Jeff Stewart [Email him]

Sam Wyly: Yet another billionaire for open-borders. But with this one, however, his lack of scruples is already basically proven.

From Monday's Washington Times:

For decades, Sam and Charles  Wyly won admiration as Texas entrepreneurs skilled at building businesses worth billions of dollars. But a regulatory agency is casting them in a new light at a civil trial, saying the brothers earned more than $500 million through fraud and deception by secretly trading the securities of public companies they controlled.[Businessman’s reputation, cash on line at NY trial, By Larry Neumeister, Associated Press, April 27, 2014]

Fraud, deception.... and open-borders:

Wyly’s lawyer, Stephen D. Susman, told jurors his client wants to “defend his reputation” after selling his businesses and retiring about a decade ago to be an author. He said Wyly is writing a book about the value of immigration to America.

You see jurors Wyly shouldn’t be convicted because he loves immigrants and knows the value they bring to America.

Federal Law Requires The Statue Of Liberty On All Immigration Books. It's even on ALIEN NATION!The book, it turns out, is called (rather nauseatingly), 'The Immigrant Spirit: How Newcomers Enrich America' and is set to be published in September. What's in store for the reader, Amazon tells us, are:

… inspiring stories of people like Albert Gallatin, a French-speaking Swiss immigrant who became our longest-serving Secretary of the Treasury, and Bill Knudsen, a Dane who took on the most important stateside job during World War II and helped seal victory for America.

"Then there are the so-called regular people", Amazon tells us,

… like contractor Carlos Camuñez, who came over from Mexico as a boy and, risking deportation himself as a 16-year-old, drove vans full of often desperate illegal immigrants on harrowing cross-country journeys to their new homes."

Danes, French-Swiss... typical immigrants? And a coyote-turned-contractor... enriching America?

Like the way he apparently ran his companies, Mr. Wyly doesn't appear to be completely grounded in reality. A few years in would hopefully change that, but unfortunately it's an SEC civil trial, so the worst that can happen is a $500 million dollar fine.

Jeff Stewart [Email him] is an attorney living in Washington, DC. He's the author of Tax Day: Americans Pay—Illegal Aliens Get Fraudulent Refunds.

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