A Military Reader Cries “God And St. George”
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April 30, 2014, 04:12 AM
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Re: James Fulford’s Steyn On St George`s Day: The Multicultural Establishment Slew St. George

A Military Reader Cries “God And St. George”

From: "Spirit of the Fighting 69th" (e-mail him) 

Following on Mark Steyn`s  "Steyn and St. George"  and how the Left hates England`s patron saint I availed myself of the catalogue of a prominent southern haberdasher and promptly bought a pair of cufflinks with the St George Cross even though England and some of my Celtic forebears didn`t always quite get along.

The Crusades, after all, were aimed at taking back Christian lands overrun by Mohammed`s hordes vomiting out of Arabia. One must stand up even in small ways so "St. George for England"!

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