A Plano Reader Says Bush Has Transformed Texas
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From:  Joe Capehart, Ph.D. [e-mail him]

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Hutchinson Versus Radnofsky: The Democrats Blow The Senate Race

Like Guzzardi, I don't trust Kay Bailey, as we call her, either. 

She's a phony. Or, said another way she's another Bush/Rovean RINO masquerading as a conservative.  It is hard for me to believe the GOP has deteriorated as much as it has under Bush's "leadership".  Like many Texans, I'll be glad when he is gone.

Bush's de facto liberal agenda has transformed Texas.

When I returned home in 1996, one of the first things I noticed was that illegal aliens had overrun Dallas/Fort Worth during the 10 years I had been gone. Whole neighborhoods had been converted into areas that resemble Mexico City.

If the Republicans lose the House it will serve them right. They have ignored the people who elected them to office.

Capehart lives in the Plano area. His degree is in reproductive biology. Because of what Capehart describes as "the obsession academics have with political correctness," he has not worked in education for a decade.

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