A Pennsylvania Reader Reports Hispanic Triumphalism In Coronavirus And Immigration-Impacted Hazleton, PA
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From: An American Reader in Pennsylvania [Email him]

A recent article in a Central Pennsylvania newspaper by Charles Thompson [Email him] echoed themes familiar to VDARE readers: Replacement and Latino supremacy.  The issue used to drive the themes home this time is the impact of the China Flu on the town of Hazleton, Pa. 

Hazleton is the town that gained some notoriety years ago over the conflict between locals (i.e., Americans) and illegal immigrants.  At the time, the cause of the Americans was championed by the town's Mayor, Lou Barletta.  They were opposed, of course, by the usual suspects—media, ethnic activists, and leftist politicians.  Currently, Hazleton is one of the most severely China Flu impacted areas in Pennsylvania.  To the chagrin of the powers that be, some people have noticed a connection between the would-be conquerors and the illness.

This is not something that can be permitted.  Two employees of Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN), which operates Hazleton's hospital, apparently forgetting what country they lived in, commented on social media that “I know of no Hispanics that are good. I don’t trust any of them due to many things that happened. They need to learn our language and live the American way. They hate us like we hate them.” And “It is this simple. The Latino Community- does not care and they act and they have acted very irresponsibly... They do not care and they do not follow the rules and advice of our government. And it has been that way since they flocked to Hazleton.”  They were quickly reminded what country they live in and their status in it.  LVHN terminated their employment.

Mr. Thompson writes that a critical issue is "...whether two groups who are still learning to peacefully co-exist - the mostly white sons and daughters of Irish and Italian immigrants who came here a century ago, and the new guard of mostly Latino immigrants who are giving Hazleton a future–will be able to keep this strange little virus from ripping their community apart." [Emphasis added]The people who built the town obviously not being capable of handling the tremendous task of providing a future for the town.  Mr. Thompson notes "[i]t’s a distinct echo of the tensions felt here 15 years ago, when then-Mayor Lou Barletta was leading his nationally-noted crusade against illegal immigration."  But, then quickly assures us that "... what’s different this time is the Latinos already know how the story ends."   [Some blame Latinos for Hazleton’s COVID-19 outbreak, echoing divisions that once roiled city, by Charles Thompson, PennLive.com, April 20, 2020]

Mr. Barletta is cited for his apparent acquiescence to replacement and subjugation as he convinced former Hazletonian and MLB manager Joe Maddon to get some well known baseball players to record China Flu related messages in Spanish, and is quoted as saying “[y]ou’re always going to have some people who want this to be back in the old days....”  To accentuate the dawn of the conquest of the Historic American Nation Mr. Thompson turns to Amilcar Arroyo, publisher of a monthly Spanish-language magazine in Hazleton.

Mr. Arroyo claims most assigning blame now "...not only are not the movers and shakers in the community, they are finding themselves with no public support from those leaders."  He triumphantly celebrates victory over the deplorables saying

"[i]t’s the Latino community that is making this area alive again. We are the community... and that is more the opinion of organizations like the chamber of commerce or most of the elected officials. I always say that these little people will express their opinions. But the organizations that drive the area, they have a different opinion of the Latinos.”[Emphasis added]

This is a small battle in the larger war to extinguish the Historic American Nation.  It is a tale of a fanatic hateful enemy that is determined to wage a long term campaign of conquest.  Unfortunately, it is also a tale of betrayal and cowardice of so-called American leaders and institutions.  The Historic American Nation's survival depends on identifying courageous leaders and developing loyal institutions.

James Fulford writes: We have a 103 posts mentioning the small city of Hazleton which was attacked by the ACLU, among other forces in society, for daring to try to resist illegal immigration. In a way, Barletta and Hazleton helped pave the way for Trump.



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