A Norwegian Reader Reports An Immigrant Mass Murder In Norway—Three Norwegians Stabbed By A Sudanese "Asylum Seeker"
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A Norwegian Reader [Send them mail]

A failed asylum seeker stabbed  three people  on a  bus here in Norway. This was an asylum seeker from South Sudan. An asylum seeker from Ethiopia likewise stabbed a bus driver to death at the same route ten years ago, in 2003. (There’s a photo of a young victim in the story.)

Margaret Molland Sanden (19) was killed in the attack

Margaret Molland Sanden (19) was killed in the attack

Failed asylum seeker kills three on bus, TheLocal.no, Published: 04 Nov 2013

James Fulford writes: The reporting in this Norwegian paper is better than an American paper's would be. They identify the criminal as an immigrant in the headline, and when they have to report that one of the victims, has has not been named, they say he was  "a Swedish man in his 50s."

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