A California Reader Says Cuccinelli Failed Because He Pushed Every Issue EXCEPT Immigration
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Re: A.W. Morgan’s article Republican Rout In Virginia—Even Before The Election

From: Steve Smith [Email him]

All Cuccinelli  had to do was oppose criminal invasion with looter rights for foreign invaders. I guess that was a bridge too far.

The “issues”  listed on his campaign website were

All of Cuccinelli's "issues" are heavily affected by mass illegal immigration, and he didn't lift a finger. Obamacare was passed to accommodate this ongoing invasion. 

I understand they have a heavy gang presence in Northern Virginia. See Gangs in Northern Virginia increasingly selling children for sex, by By Matt Zapotosky,  Washington Post, September 29, 2013.  To all the citizens that live there (for now), Cuccinelli gave them the finger, offered them nothing but a bunch of "programs" to mitigate the invasion and looting—as if you can mitigate an ongoing hostile foreign invasion.

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