A North Carolina Reader Says Alien Identity Cards Means Total Loss of Control Over the Problem
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08/02/07 - A Non-Catholic Reader in Idaho Is Also Disgusted by Cardinal Mahony

From: [Name Withheld]

Re: Don Collins's Column: A Democrat, Yale Grad, Decries New Haven's Illegal Alien ID

I am appalled at the idea of identification cards for illegal aliens.

This is the latest testament to self-serving politicians.  Now IDs will incorporate the illegals into our system and we will lose all control of them

Here, in my small city, there have been three serious accidents involving cars driven by drunken illegal aliens without licenses or insurance. Multiple deaths have resulted.

A local Catholic Church added another Mass in Spanish to the one it already provides. It should be in English—perhaps aliens would be encouraged to learn our language.

Latino gangs do serious battle with blacks. Twice, in recent months, schools have been "locked down".  What kind of nation will our grandchildren inherit?

And while it is true that aliens work for less, the quality is often inferior.

I'm sympathetic to their needs. But aliens are draining our resources. By sending a portion of what they earn to Mexico that government is relieved of the responsibility of providing for its citizens.

The writer and her husband retired to a small college town where the alien invasion has taken hold. Send mail to her c/o [email protected]

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