Hispanic Family Values: A Saturday Morning Special
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Hispanic family values file: Readers send us a lot of these pitiful stories. They don't make the national media, but they're worth posting because they illustratrate the unreported toll that immigration policy is exacting on ordinary American:

Authorities say Hector Lara was enraged by a perceived insult early Saturday when he jumped out of his car, waved around two handguns and fatally shot a Fort Worth man in the parking lot of a northwest Dallas gas station...

Confronted by Mr. Lara, [25-year-old Terrance] Frazier denied they were talking about his girlfriend, witnesses told police. He then went in the store.

When Mr. Frazier came back outside, Mr. Lara again confronted him and got out of the vehicle, waving the two .45-caliber handguns around, authorities said. Mr. Frazier backed away but was shot once in the chest.

With Mr. Lara's girlfriend behind the wheel, police said, the couple fled the parking lot with Mr. Lara firing into the air.

Man shot to death outside northwest Dallas gas station:Gunman upset about perceived insult of girlfriend, police say, by Tanya Eiserer, The Dallas Morning News, June 23 2006

Note that the victim "backed away".

"We're hearing that when he's drinking, he's just uncontrollable," said Sgt. Raymond Beaudreault, a homicide unit supervisor"...

"We can't make any sense of it at all," Sgt. Beaudreault said. "The fortunate thing is that he's off the streets."

Reporter Eiserer does not mention Lara's immigration status. (Ask her why not). It is a safe bet, however, that his people did not come over on the Mayflower.

It may be fortunate that Lara is off the streets. But it's extremely unfortunate, in fact treason, that he's in the U.S. at all.

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