A Non-Satisfied, Non-Jewish Reader Of Non-Color Complains About "Non-Hispanic", "Gentile" And Other Attempts To Make Logical Distinctions—They're Demeaning!
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Re: Steve  Sailer's article Lynn On The Jews: Yes, It’s Intelligence—But There’s Something Else Too

From:Bo Sears [Email him]

At long last, we know the proper label for the diverse white American peoples.  Steve Sailer tells us today that we are the "non-Hispanic white gentiles."  It is difficult to imagine a more dismissive, demeaning collection of labels.  If this kind of thing is acceptable at VDARE, why don't you call Jews the "non-Arabic Semites" and African Americans the "non-white black gentiles," and so on?  

Let's see, we're "gentiles" which is simply Judeo-centric label for us, ranking with goyim.  Just part of the 99% non-Jews of the world. 

We're "non-Hispanic" which is simply aL atino-centric label for us, ranking with gringo

And we're "white" but not diverse, not American, and not even people. 

I recall that you did announce an anti-slur policy on September 19, 2009, in which you claimed that you delete expletives and racial slurs,[See A California Libertarian Calls Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Peter Gemma Nasty Names; Gemma And Peter Brimelow Respond; etc.] but here we see you are willing to publish the most demeaning collection of labels for the diverse white American peoples that is imaginable. 

Bo Sears has a web page called ResistingDefamation.org, which calls for "sensitivity" towards the "Diverse White American." See an earlier complaint by Mr. Sears.


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