A Non-Movement Trump Supporter Doesn't Care What Happens To EITHER "Movement Conservatism" Or The GOP Establishment
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Re James Kirkpatrick's blog item: Trump Offers Conservatism Inc. A Way Out. They Won’t Take It

From: A Non-Movement Trump Supporter [Email him]

That was a beautifully written piece by James Kirkpatrick. Really!

I am not sure Trump's supporters, nor Trump himself, believe that Movement Conservatives are part of the Republican Establishment; I think rather they don't care. I certainly do not.

I personally think the right flank of the Republican Party is a group whose votes are to be used by neocons at election time and their issues discarded shortly afterward. If the "Republican Establishment" is freaked out by Cruz, it certainly proves that "Movement Conservatives" are not part of the Establishment and I don't think one has to be an intellectual in order to arrive at the conclusion. But if "the Establishment" is freaked by Cruz, they are super freaked by Trump.

And that is because Trump is engaging in real politics with real big voting blocs. The real politics constitutes telling like it is to people who can make up their own mind and the real voting blocs constitute people who are fed up with the actual "Republican Establishment"—entrenched Goldman Sachs politicians, think tank fellows, and lobbyists. Trump's dangerous because he is capturing a majority—and a motivated one at that—on the basis of mass popular politics rooted in truth. This means that the controllers have lost control of the Narrative…and the Narrative is how they control.

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