A "Non-Hispanic White" Reader Is Rejected By Border Patrol
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From: An Anonymous "Non-Hispanic White" Reader: [Email him]

I've been a longtime reader of your website and find it extremely informative. Keep up the great work.

I had to laugh at the story "LA Times Finds Border Patrol Has A Hispanic Corruption Problem (But Doesn’t Quite Put It That Way)". The government's hypocrisy seems to have no end. It is truly a comic tragedy.

Back in 1998 or so, I was out of a job and desperate to find a new career path. I was 33. At the time, I believe the cut-off age for getting on with the Border Patrol was 37. I began the application process.

I scored very well on the initial exam, but after a year of medical physical exams (the second at my own expense), the FBI interviewing friends, family, and other associates, and myself (twice), they summarily rejected me because of two prior misdemeanor arrests for possession of marijuana that occurred nearly a decade before—and I had been clean for years.

Guess if I was 10 years younger, now would be the ideal time to apply. I'm sure I would be accepted now, judging from the kind of characters they hire these days.

James Fulford writes: Well, no. Only rarely does the lowering of standards for minority recruitment benefit the majority, and what the Border Patrol really wants is Spanish speakers who are willing to live in the Southwest. That means they're recruiting Mexican-Americans.

Non-Federal agencies have even tried recruiting actual Mexicans.

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