A New York State Lawyer Praises Nicholas Stix For Exposing The Trayvon Martin Race Hoax
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Re: Nicholas Stix’s Whatever the Jury Decides, George Zimmerman Needs a New Country. So Do We.

From: A Lawyer In New York State [Email Him]

A great article by Nicholas Stix!

As an attorney, and a freedom and civil rights advocate, I've followed State of Florida v. George Zimmerman closely. Both Stix and I nailed it by calling it what it was, a race hoax.

That it morphed into an actual political prosecution is still astonishing to me. Is this even America?

While Stix ‘s worries regarding the outcome were well founded, we should all be relieved that the jury saw enough (or not enough) to render the "not guilty" verdict.

I especially liked his six points under the subheading: "What This Show Trial Aims to Achieve". I've been thinking about this, and he has articulated all of my random thoughts on the subject. I think all of us (especially men) would do well to be aware of the attempt to chill our right to protect our homes, communities, and loved ones, and make sure we don't fall into the trap and stay strong and strong-minded.

Keep in mind that the black criminals don't distinguish between their Politically Correct liberal advocates and everyone else when they choose their victims. When it comes right down to it, even those who would take away our right to self-defense are threatened, and react in the same way the rest of us do. Heck, George Zimmerman was a liberal Democrat.

The old saw is true: a conservative is a liberal who's been mugged. The right to self defense is possibly more ancient than civilization.

We only lose our rights when we stop standing up for them.

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