A New York Reader Calls George Will A "Bow-Tied Imbecile"
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From: Henry McCulloch (e-mail him)

In a recent opinion piece, George Will praises Cristo Rey Jesuit High School, an institution that exists entirely to help Mexicans replace Americans in our businesses and universities.[ Making Education Work , September 14, 2008]

Forgive me, but this Roman Catholic doesn't think it is the business of his Church to facilitate the demographic displacement of Americans by Mexicans or anyone else. Therefore, unlike Will, I find nothing to celebrate—despite its name—about Cristo Rey Jesuit High School.

Needless to say, it never enters Will's head to ask how many of students are illegal aliens or the children of illegal aliens

Nor does it ever occur to Will to question whether these young Mexicans are as well equipped to succeed in America as were the Slovenians, Bohemians, Irish and Italians who preceded them in the Pilsen neighborhood. 

Instead, Will either ignores or assumes legality. He also takes for granted infinite that all will easily assimilate.

The priest lauded in Will's column, Father James Gartland, S.J., should work on the behalf of native-born American Catholics. [e-mail Gartland here]

Catholic priests are usually trained in seminaries within their home diocese, with the presumption being that they will provide for their own locally. 

But perhaps Fr. Gartland's liberal sensibilities are offended by the thought of serving his own people, and he thinks it more praiseworthy to promote Latin Americans instead. 

If so, the logical thing would be for Gartland to open his CRJHS in a Mexican city, to help young Mexicans flourish where they should flourish—at home in Mexico.

This story confirms two things most of us already knew. 

Today's Jesuits are, with few exceptions, utterly subversive. And George Will [email him] is a bow-tied imbecile.  

McCulloch, an occasional contributor to VDARE.COM, is a lawyer. His articles and letters are archived here.

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