A New Hampshire Reader and Descendent of Declaration of Independence Signatory Josiah Bartlett Fights For Her State
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08/17/06 - A North Carolina Reader Says To Slow Illegal Immigration Bill Employers For Public Services

From:  Janice Janes [e-mail her]

I am a descendent of Josiah Bartlett and feel an obligation to protect the country he loved and helped form. I am fiercely protective of our New Hampshire life style and am thankful that we have few illegal aliens.

But my town borders Massachusetts that thinks illegal entry into America is just fine and dandy. 

Last spring I noticed a group of children doing yard work in a small city on the Massachusetts/New Hampshire border.  Apparently Hispanic, they were no more than nine or ten years old.  I thought: "How odd" because school was in session.

Then two weeks ago, in the same city, I saw a van pull up and at least a dozen children of the same age poured out.  They too looked Hispanic.  Within a few minutes they had manned lawnmowers, weed-whackers, rakes and hedge trimming tools.

Is child labor now the next law our government is going to overlook for the sake of the economy? 

To say I'm appalled is an understatement.

Janes, who delivers newspapers to supplement her income, says that on her route, she sees: "hundreds of Americans doing jobs they supposedly don't want; landscaping, septic tank cleaning, construction, etc."

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